John Charles Dresses

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There are just a few brands that, whoever actually owns them, will always remain quintessentially British. Luxury brands that do not lose their heritage as they become globally in demand, do not become an amorphous, homeless name that will have its moment and then evaporate and disappear; forgotten. No, these are brands whose demand is because they are British and because they represent all that is great about Britain and the extraordinary contribution we have made to every facet of life; iconic brands like Rolls Royce, Dunhill, Burberry and, of course, John Charles.

Since 1958, the house of John Charles has created designs that capture the glamour, sophistication and confidence of women who want to dress to the occasion, setting the standard by which all others will be compared. As Regine Ellis, Design Director at John Charles for the past fifteen years says “My customer is most important to me; she is one whose individuality and inner confidence shines on the outside. She is sensuous, feminine and glamorous. We design clothes to make her look and feel as unique and special as she is.”

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