Ronald Joyce

If ever you are lucky enough to meet Veni Infantino, head designer at Ronald Joyce, you will get two very pleasant shocks. The first is just how wonderfully English she is; cutting through expectations of Mediterranean excess and volatile emotion, the actual experience is of a superbly grounded and honest craftsperson who has confidence in her technical skills matched to the artistry of her vision. The second shock is the smile, unrestrained and full of both humour and happiness, this is the smile of someone who is doing exactly what she wants with her life and somehow manages to infuse that spirit of ‘live every moment’ into all of her creations. She mixes passion, glamour and sheer joy into a couture recipe that is entirely unique.

So, what is it that Veni Infantino brings to the Ronald Joyce bridal ranges that has so dramatically re-energized that famous brand? It’s not only phenomenal talent as a designer and dress maker, it’s not only the freshness and innovation in her work that has taken her to the top so quickly; it’s something else – something that goes to the very core of her approach to design.