What to wear to a summer wedding

In keeping with all the best fairy tale scenarios, every mother of the bride or groom is expecting the wedding day celebrations of the happy couple to be a once in a lifetime moment. It is a landmark in time for family and friends, joining two families together in marriage and also marking the fresh beginning for an entirely new family.

The summer of 2022 is set to be one of the busiest ever for wedding celebrations, as couples finally feel that full freedom to book their dates with confidence after the disruption of the global pandemic. Estimates suggest that 2.6 million couples will get married this year, with approximately 80% of weddings taking place between May and October.

Partner this with the growing trend for non-traditional venues and the rise of the ‘festival wedding’ and there are two significant considerations for anyone planning what to wear to a summer wedding. Firstly, plan well in advance to make sure you avoid the disappointment of your dream outfit being unavailable. And secondly, keep in mind how your outfit might work with the location and theme of the wedding – there is a big difference between what to wear for a function suite in a hotel compared to a yurt in a wildflower meadow.
Naturally, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom will each be a focal point of attention at the wedding. From those proud moments of sharing the good news of an engagement with far-flung members of the family through to those emotional farewells as the couple leave for their first night of wedded bliss, both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom will be at the heart of all the key activities and preparations. And on the day of the wedding itself, all eyes will be on these doting parents, with special attention given to their outfit choice.

When deciding what to wear to the wedding, etiquette dictates that consideration is given to the themes and designs of the key members of the wedding party, such as the bridesmaids and closest family members, while it’s usually prudent to get an indication of the bride’s preferences too. But none of this should daunt you. This is your chance to be bold, be proud and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to find an outfit you fall in love with and that shows the real you on this most special of days.

There are some practical aspects to determine to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable in what you wear throughout the day of the wedding. Will you have to move around a lot through the duration of the wedding day? How warm is it likely to be, in terms of weather on the day and when you are inside the venue for the ceremony and celebrations? Are you expecting to dance the night away in the same outfit as you arrived at the ceremony or is there a stylish wardrobe change planned?

For a summer wedding, look out for lightweight and breathable fabrics which will be forgiving should you find yourself out of the shade on a hot and humid day. If you are planning for a more formal look, blended suit fabrics are another good option. Wool-linen provides a lighter weight while a wool-silk blend affords an extra softness.

In terms of colour, wedding attire is traditionally the home of bright hues, but there has been an uprising in shiny metallics like gold and silver. Florals are another popular choice for summer weddings and can work in harness with earth tones, such as beiges and light greys.

Whatever you choose for this celebration of love – love what you wear.

Can you wear red to a wedding?

Red can be a surprisingly controversial colour to wear in the context of a wedding. Traditionally different colours carry different meanings and inferences, and red is a colour that holds particular significance for guests at a wedding.

As a very bold colour, red has a history of association with the notions of being sexy, confident and striking, all the things a guest should avoid when she is wanting the focus to be exclusively on the bride during her wedding day.

That being said, the fashion police are unlikely to make an arrest if you incorporate an aspect of red in your outfit in a way that is still in keeping with a modest, elegant and respectful overall appearance.
So when is it appropriate to choose red for a wedding outfit and when is it a step too far? Get it right and you’ll be stylishly on trend. Get it wrong and you could cause a few awkward silences and the occasional strange look.

One thing to consider is the significance of certain colours in different cultures. For example, at a Chinese wedding the bride is the only person who can wear red, as in the context of this ancient culture the colour is an expression of luck and happiness. This means that if the wedding you are set to attend has a reference to Chinese culture, red may be a colour to avoid.

Just in the same way that the season of the wedding is likely to influence colour schemes, floral arrangements and perhaps even choice of venue, whether your wedding is a summer or winter wedding may well make a difference to the colours you choose for your outfit too.

A red outfit can be a beautiful complement to a winter wedding with a colour palate of richer, darker colours. If you are considering wearing red for a winter wedding, it is certainly worth looking more towards a deeper tone such as wine, berry or burgundy. For an autumn or a winter wedding, burgundy can be a particular popular colour choice for an outfit and is very complementary to the seasonal colours that may well feature in the wedding’s overall colour scheme.

Of course, red as an accent colour to your outfit can elegantly complement the colour scheme of a wedding too. It’s wise to remain open-minded to the colour red being an integral part of dress design you decide upon as finding the perfect outfit for you on this most special occasion is the most important thing. Don’t be afraid to pick the dress that you will feel most comfortable in and that will give you that sense of confidence to be at your best on the big day.

Ultimately, every wedding celebration is unique and reflects the special characters of those getting married and those that are nearest and dearest to them. In this more accepting modern age, many of the older traditions have been thrown to one side with the very purpose of allowing us to express ourselves, which is a fabulous thing to celebrate. And that’s what is at the heart of this after all – a celebration of family, of love and of sharing a life together with someone special.

6 Steps to Finding Your Dream Mother of the Bride/Groom outfit

6 Steps to Finding Your Dream Mother of the Bride

Being part of your daughter or son’s wedding day is one of the most incredible and special life events that you’ll remember forever. There’s so much excitement for the planning and months ahead but one of the first questions you may ask yourself is ‘what am I going to wear?’.

Dressing for your daughter or son’s big day can be both exhilarating and stressful. It’s a momentous occasion where all eyes will be on you as the mum of the bride or groom, photos will be taken all day and understandably you want to look your very best! It may feel like the pressure is really on and you may already have had a few sleepless nights over finding your dream ensemble.

It can seem daunting knowing where to start when first shopping for occasion wear with so many styles, colours, designers and accessories on offer. Luckily, gone are the days of mother of the bride and groom occasion wear being traditional, safe and in boring colours only. We are so happy that Mums today are encouraged to express their own personal style and choose an outfit that’s individual, trendy and will make you feel fabulous. Now is the time for mothers of the bride and groom to truly shine!

To give you a helping hand and take away stress leading up to the big day, follow our top shopping tips:

  1. Consider the wedding details

Before you get ready to shop, have a chat with the bride about her day and how this could influence your outfit choice. Bear in mind how formal the wedding will be, the time of the day of the service, colour schemes and what the bridesmaids will be wearing. This could all help narrow down your selection and ensure you are on the right track.

  1. Shop early

It may be months away till the wedding but give yourself plenty of time to find the wow factor outfit as forward planning will make your experience relaxed and enjoyable. With so much focus on helping the bride find her dress, it’s very easy to keep putting off finding something to wear for yourself and you may procrastinate saying that you want to lose some weight first or leave it till nearer the event. By shopping and buying your outfit well in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to find the right accessories and we can make sure your outfit fits you perfectly – if you need a slight tweak, our team of seamstresses at The Wedding Shop will ensure you feel your absolute best.

  1. Think about comfort

Whatever you wear on the wedding day, remember that you will be in it for a full day and possibly an evening of dancing too! Obviously, you want your dress to look amazing, but it also needs to feel comfortable. Try on a selection of outfits and make sure you stay in each one for at least ten minutes to get a good feel of the fabric and fit.

  1. Try and relax

It can feel nerve-wracking the thought of trying on different outfits in front of the bridal party, especially if you maybe haven’t shopped for occasion wear in a long time or are lacking in body confidence. Our specialised team of consultants at The Wedding Shop have dressed hundreds of women in every shape and size and are passionate about making women feel amazing from head to toe. They know every trick to flatter all body types, from stylish jackets to conceal arms to the ideal dress length for your shape.

  1. Be daring

It’s very easy to play it safe when shopping for outfits or walk into a store with only one colour in mind that you’d be happy wearing on the big day. Be prepared to maybe try on some bolder colours or patterns and step out of your comfort zone – you may surprise yourself how wonderful they look and feel transformed!

  1. Don’t forget accessories

In addition to our stylish selection of occasion wear, we also have a gorgeous selection of hats and fascinators to give your new outfit an unforgettable finishing touch! Whether you want to make a grand entrance in a show-stopping hat or prefer the more subtle appeal of an elegant fascinator, you’re sure to find the perfect one.

We’re delighted to tell you about an exciting event we have coming up this month in store. Occasionwear designer Veni Infantino will be visiting The Wedding Shop on Saturday 25th January. Come and enjoy a glass of Bucks Fizz and be styled by the acclaimed designer herself!

You can also check out our latest fashion show video on the 100 Top Wedding Outfit Styles for mother of the bride and groom wedding outfits, perfect for 2020 weddings. With designers including Veni Infantino, Condici, Gabriela Sanchez, Irresistible and John Charles, you’ll be able to view the most beautiful dresses we currently have in store.

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100 Top Wedding Outfit Styles for 2020

See our fashion show of over 100 mother of the bride and groom wedding outfits, perfect for 2020 weddings.

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5 Ways to Find YOUR DRESS at a Designer Weekend

5 Ways to Find YOUR DRESS at a Designer Weekend

You’ve set the date, now the fun can start… finding your dream dress! Wedding dress shopping can seem like a daunting prospect, so many styles to choose from, so many photos you love on Pinterest and Instagram – it can seem like a minefield.

Not only are there so many stunning gowns around but the pressure is on to find THE DRESS. One you adore, can’t live without and feel absolutely fabulous in, plus it has to be within budget. It can feel like an impossible task!

Then you hear about designer events or trunk shows and feel even more confused!

So, what exactly is a Designer Weekend and why should a bride to be make a must-attend event in her calendar?

Most bridal boutiques stock a comprehensive selection of dresses from each of their labels, but it’s impossible for them to stock all of the designer’s collection in one go, we just don’t have enough space!

A trunk show or designer weekend is a special event in a bridal shop where they invite a designer to showcase their whole collection. It’s usually a two or three-day event held over a weekend.

These VIP events can make your bridal experience even more memorable with the chance to meet the bridal gown designer or stylists, try on brand new collections and view exciting wedding gowns that the store may not usually have on their bridal floor.

So, if you’re drawn to a designer and love following them, attending a designer weekend is the perfect opportunity to view a large selection of their dresses in one appointment.

Here are The Wedding Shop’s top tips for a bride visiting a designer event for the first time:

1 – Work out your budget

Before you attend your designer weekend, have a clear idea of budget so you can stay on track when trying the new collections and save valuable time during your appointment. Staying focused on gowns that are affordable to you will make the process stress-free and more fun!

2 – Bring a trusted family member or friend

Picking the dress you’ll walk down the aisle in is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, so choose one or two close family members or friends who will give honest encouragement and make your wedding dress shopping experience enjoyable. While bringing the whole bride tribe can seem like a good idea – too many contrasting opinions may leave you feeling bewildered!

3 – Have an open mind

Most brides have done their research on wedding dresses, styles and silhouettes they like, but we always recommend trying on a dress you may not have initially selected. That wild card could end up being your dress!

4 – Know your dates and time frame

Some designer dresses need up to eight months to be made so shop earlier rather than leave it till the last minute! Ask your consultant when your dress will be ready and allow for any alterations to be carried out too.

5 – Be prepared to make a decision

It’s advisable to go into your appointment at a designer weekend with the mindset that you could say yes on the day to a dress. Most events offer a 10% discount off gowns ordered on the day from the designer, so to get a great deal, these are the best times to buy as they are only available during the event. Now is not the time for hesitation, if you fall head over heels in love with a gown, go for it!

So now you know everything about these exciting events, why not book today for our TWS designer weekends. We feel privileged to be hosting two great events this month – our Kenneth Winston Designer Weekend 22-24th November, plus an Essense Tester Weekend 29th November – 1st December.

Book today by calling 01206 767359 or book online. We can’t wait to see you there!

Being Confident with Colour and Pattern

Wearing colours & patterns

How do you feel about wearing colour, pattern and prints? While many ladies dress in a wonderful array of rainbow shades, prints and patterns without giving it any thought, others may need a confidence boost in order to try something different. If you feel drawn to colour and pattern on the rails but find the idea of taking the plunge daunting, follow our simple steps to embracing an exciting new look:

• For a gentle introduction to colour and print, increase your confidence gradually by taking baby steps. Start with some bold funky earrings in a colour you’ve never worn before, next move onto a bright lipstick, then treat yourself to a scarf or handbag in a vibrant shade. You’ll soon feel happier about going bolder and will be ready to move onto a whole outfit.

• To find out which colours suit you, you first need to determine whether you are a cool, warm or neutral. You can do this by holding a piece of plain white paper next to your face. You are likely to be cool if your skin tone appears pink, rosy or blue next to it and colours that will complement you are blues, blue-greens, purples, magentas and reds with a blue base. If your skin looks brown, yellow or green, you are probably warm and yellows, oranges, yellow greens and orange reds are likely to suit you. Neutral skin tones are in a lucky position to suit most colours but experiment with the intensity as some can pull off bright shades, while other ladies look better in more pastel shades.

• Colour not only makes us look more vibrant, youthful and glowing, but it can also have a positive impact on our mood too, making us feel happier, uplifted and energetic and reflecting our personality. Here at The Wedding Shop, we love to encourage our customers to step out of their comfort zone and although initially, it may feel a little scary, once you try on colours and see how amazing they can look on you, you’ll want to wear more!

• When it comes to pattern, how daring you go is up to you. If you prefer a subtle look, choose a dress with a delicate floral print. For more of a statement piece, outfits with a large motif will truly pack a punch.

• Our glamorous new Gabriela Sanchez range combines the prettiest florals and vibrant tones, perfect for ladies looking to stand out from the crowd in an outfit that’s fresh, fun, fashionable and super flattering. Whatever the occasion, whether you are the mother of the bride or groom and want that ‘wow factor’ on the big day or simply need a stunning dress for an upcoming party, come in store and let our specialist team help choose the perfect ensemble.

• Going on your own journey to discovering colour and pattern and bringing brighter shades into your wardrobe is an exciting experience. Have fun with it and get ready to receive lots of compliments!