Elegant mother of the bride dresses

While most mothers of the bride or groom are going to want to look their best for the big day of their child’s wedding, they are unlikely to want to be the main focus of attention. Rather than bold statements and overzealous looks, this is a time for sophisticated and elegant mother of the bride dresses that only help to underline the special efforts and joyous union of the happy couple.

It’s a tricky balance to strike, as it’s also absolutely OK to want to be recognised as an essential part of the wedding party and have your moment in the spotlight. So as you search for just the right look, think refined elegance with tailored lines, subtle colour tones and manicured designs that accentuate your natural beauty without making a song and dance about it. You can also finish off your favourite look with a chic fascinator to add a touch of glam or a complementary hat to offset the shape, style and colour of your dress.