Being Confident with Colour and Pattern

Wearing colours & patterns

How do you feel about wearing colour, pattern and prints? While many ladies dress in a wonderful array of rainbow shades, prints and patterns without giving it any thought, others may need a confidence boost in order to try something different. If you feel drawn to colour and pattern on the rails but find the idea of taking the plunge daunting, follow our simple steps to embracing an exciting new look:

• For a gentle introduction to colour and print, increase your confidence gradually by taking baby steps. Start with some bold funky earrings in a colour you’ve never worn before, next move onto a bright lipstick, then treat yourself to a scarf or handbag in a vibrant shade. You’ll soon feel happier about going bolder and will be ready to move onto a whole outfit.

• To find out which colours suit you, you first need to determine whether you are a cool, warm or neutral. You can do this by holding a piece of plain white paper next to your face. You are likely to be cool if your skin tone appears pink, rosy or blue next to it and colours that will complement you are blues, blue-greens, purples, magentas and reds with a blue base. If your skin looks brown, yellow or green, you are probably warm and yellows, oranges, yellow greens and orange reds are likely to suit you. Neutral skin tones are in a lucky position to suit most colours but experiment with the intensity as some can pull off bright shades, while other ladies look better in more pastel shades.

• Colour not only makes us look more vibrant, youthful and glowing, but it can also have a positive impact on our mood too, making us feel happier, uplifted and energetic and reflecting our personality. Here at The Wedding Shop, we love to encourage our customers to step out of their comfort zone and although initially, it may feel a little scary, once you try on colours and see how amazing they can look on you, you’ll want to wear more!

• When it comes to pattern, how daring you go is up to you. If you prefer a subtle look, choose a dress with a delicate floral print. For more of a statement piece, outfits with a large motif will truly pack a punch.

• Our glamorous new Gabriela Sanchez range combines the prettiest florals and vibrant tones, perfect for ladies looking to stand out from the crowd in an outfit that’s fresh, fun, fashionable and super flattering. Whatever the occasion, whether you are the mother of the bride or groom and want that ‘wow factor’ on the big day or simply need a stunning dress for an upcoming party, come in store and let our specialist team help choose the perfect ensemble.

• Going on your own journey to discovering colour and pattern and bringing brighter shades into your wardrobe is an exciting experience. Have fun with it and get ready to receive lots of compliments!