Sassi Holford Wedding Dresses

Sassi Holford designs and makes classic, English wedding gowns with a contemporary edge. Exquisite lines and sumptuous fabrics echo the bride’s own style, and nothing is spared in the structure and the detail to provide the renowned Sassi Holford cut and fit.

The key to this is the integral corset in every gown that results in a streamlined silhouette and – just as important – the high level of comfort necessary for the wedding day. All Sassi Holford gowns are handmade in her Somerset studio by her first class team of talented cutters, seamstresses and hand beaders. Sassi has just completed twenty-eight years in business and is unique in her profession by being completely self-taught. Sassi has sold wedding gowns in Harrods and Libertys in London, and in capital cities across northern Europe.

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